Helping to promote resilience in Bournemouth


If your children are at school you will naturally want to collect them as soon as possible in the event of a major emergency. But it may not be safe to do so. Please TUNE IN to your local radio station for advice and for details of the arrangements your local council has made for letting parents know when to collect their children from school.

All schools have plans to cope with local emergencies such as fire and flood, and teachers and support staff do all they can to look after the pupils in their charge. You can find out more about school emergency planning from the GOV.UK website.

The Red Cross

The Red Cross provide useful lesson ideas and resources on their website for teachers to use to help students become more prepared for emergencies.

Such as:

                      • Increasing overall resilience
                      • Flooding
                      • Severe weather
                      • Fire

Developing Community Resilience Through Schools

Parents and carers trust schools to keep their children safe. Despite the work of staff and governors to ensure schools are safe and secure, they can still become involved in an emergency at any time. The Developing Community Resilience Through Schools project aims to increase the resilience of schools to emergencies by providing national resources for schools to use.

These include:

                    • Practical resources for producing, training and exercising a school emergency plan
                    • A template emergency plan which can be adapted by schools to meet their specific needs
                    • Electronic storybooks, games and puzzles which can be used by teachers in the classroom to complement lessons on emergency planning, ensuring that learning is undertaken in a fun and informative manner

Business Continuity

It is important for schools and academies to think about what they would do if an incident occured which prevented access to the building, a reduction in their staffing, ICT failure or the loss of a key supplier or resource e.g. catering. Schools should also consider an immediate shelter point for students and staff should the school premises be inaccessible and this should be widely communicated to parents. Zurich provides a good information sheet about business continuity planning and managing incidents which can be accessed through the following link.

If you click on the following link you will be able to access a School Business Continuity Plan (654) template which was designed by Bournemouth Borough Council and can be adapted to suit your school.

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